Episode 41

The Oscars, Avatar 2, Percy Jackson aka “Movie News Round Up"

Published on: 9th November, 2022

Bryan, Marcus, and Doug are playing movie news potpourri this week. First they get stumped with a particularly difficult movie quote on Catch That Quotable(7:11). This past weekend Marcus dove down the Oceans 11 franchise, which he believes to be one of the more underrated movie franchises. He asks Bryan and Doug to talk about their favorite underrated movie franchises(17:59). 

Now the news. Bryan talks about the announcement of Jimmy Kimmel coming back to host the oscars(31:19). Marcus tells us why he is excited about Daniel Kaluuya being cast in Spider-Man: Across the Spiderverse(37:21). Doug ponders why James Cameron is threatening to walk away from the remaining Avatar movies(48:00). Bryan talks about the Gears of War movie that was announced for Netflix(58:30). Marcus tells about another Percy Jackson show announcement(1:03:20). We wrap up with AMC’s latest plan to make their money back(1:05:30) and a review of Tales of the Jedi(1:16:22). 


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