Episode 20

FIBW News aka "Tougher Than Nigerian Hair"

Published on: 17th May, 2023

Welcome back to the Films in Black and White daily bugle. The news you may not have asked for, but you'll love anyway.

This week check in with the guys on what we've been reading and watching lately that has us in a healthy kinky chokehold before we we play our weekly game of Catch That Quotable (13:10). Marcus sets it off with his new segment "Get EM' Gunn" inspired by James Gunn (19:54) and then ask the guys to name their top 5 comic book movies (30:47). Bryan keeps us up to date with the latest in streaming issues and lack of information and Seth Rogen's concerns, no residuals for writers, and AI writing shitty scripts (38:02)Finally, Doug breaks down the Disney Dilemma with lawsuits and lies about streaming success' (59:11)

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